How to write a (more useful) Drush command

3rd May 2016

Welcome to part two of our miniseries on Drush commands! Do check out part one if you haven't already. There you'll see what we've been up to with our pretend module, my_awesome_module. If you're writing a custom Drush command, it's pretty much guaranteed that you're needing to do something more complicated than write 'Hello World' to your database 5,000 times. Let's take a look at some Drush essentials.

Arguments and Options

You guessed it - just pass in an array. Simply give 'arguments' or 'options', and, for each one, a helpful description.

 * Implements hook_drush_command().
function my_awesome_module_drush_command()...
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Responsive images with srcset and sizes

12th Apr 2016

Responsive design is now the norm when it comes to developing modern websites, and most of us will be all too familiar with how we use media queries to get our sites looking different on a whole range of different devices. When it comes to getting our images to resize depending on the viewport / device, we now have two options: we can again rely on media queries, or we can use the srcset and sizes attributes that were defined in the
element specification. It is the second option that we’ll be looking at in this article to see how...

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How to write your own Drush command

9th Feb 2016

Occasionally there's something you need to achieve, which would be really easy if only you could have it performed via Drush - some script that could be run on the server during an update or migration process, perhaps. But it all looks a bit too scary, right? "The task is tricky enough already, let's just do it some other way"?

Well, it's actually surprisingly easy to write your own Drush commands, and it's totally something worth learning. Let's take a look.

(Though do check to make sure you're not trying to do something that's already been done!)

Writing a

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Making an accurate, responsive node preview for Drupal 7

12th Jan 2016

The preview functionality in action - everything works nicely inside our iFrame.It's a well known fact that a large proportion of sites turn off the node preview button. It just doesn't work well. Your unsaved changes don't show and the admin theme is used in place of your site theme - not helpful.

The default Drupal node preview.

Workflows like that provided by Workbench Moderation give previews that work nicely, but that involves a lot of complexity with revisions and workflow. It really changes the way you (and your nodes, for that matter) work. For the sites out there that don't have something like Workbench Moderation in place, this usually means that there is no accurate...

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