Open links in popups with Foundation

4th Dec 2018

Let me take you on a journey. We'll pass by Drupal content renderer services, AJAX commands, javascript libraries and a popular front-end framework. If you've only heard of one or two of those things, come lean on the experience I took diving deep into Drupal. I'm pleased with where my adventure took me to, and maybe what I learned will be useful to you too.

Here's the end result: a contact form, launched from a button link in the site header, with the page beneath obscured by an overlay. The form allows site visitors to get in touch from any...

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Level up with Dash

27th Nov 2018

Developers spend what, maybe 30% of their time scouring the internet for documentation and answers to questions. What IF you didn't have to do that? You could save hours of time, right!

Bring on Dash, the brilliant solution to that very problem.

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Level up with Alfred

20th Nov 2018

OSX's Spotlight tool made searching files and starting tasks a dream. That dream, though, still had space for more. What if you could execute commands from Spotlight? Or do *really* clever things?

Cue Alfred, stage left.

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Level up with a shiny shell

13th Nov 2018

Everyone has their preferred command shell. The bravest amongst us probably has some highly customised craziness, and the more unsure probably are using the plain mac Terminal. Somewhere in between, though, lies a world of fun that really should be explored. There are some great tools out there, and one of our favourites is Zsh.

Zsh is a shell that encapsulates all of BASH, and then a whole load of useful, 'standard' and 'other' features. Generally it's been nice to work with, though I must confess I've not by any means plumbed the depths of what it's capable of.


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