12 month contrib challenge: XML sitemap

5th May 2020

We've been busy recently, but that doesn't stop us at ComputerMinds contributing back to the Drupal community! For our latest multilingual website, we needed an XML sitemap with alternate links and hreflang attributes. This site uses separate domains for each language - for example, www.example.se (🇸🇪) and www.example.no (🇳🇴). Search engines need these alternate links to help them understand how to match up each translation of a page, which are distributed across these different domains. But this site is built on our existing Drupal 7 e-commerce platform that uses the XML sitemap project, which has no support for alternate links (nor entity translation...

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Upgrading jQuery 1.x to version 3.x

I was recently tasked with upgrading jQuery from 1.9 all the way up the latest version of 3.x (3.4). And I seriously thought “There is no way jQuery is on version 3 already!”. How wrong I was. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one thinking this, a few of my colleagues were on my wavelength too! So yes, jQuery is really on 3.x and 1.x is actually really, really old! This article aims to help those of you in the same situation as me with some of the common pitfalls you may encounter. Some of this is semi-specific to Drupal 7...

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Coronavirus Update

Nathan Page
12th Mar 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect the UK, we thought it best to give you some guidance on how it may affect your site.

ComputerMinds will operate as normal

In short, please don't panic 🙂

Should we need to work from home, we have plans and infrastructure in place so that we can continue to service your site as normal. We're able to work fully remotely, and we're ready to do so.

Unless somehow we all come down terribly ill on exactly the same day, we should be running business as usual!

Commerce sites may need to consider site...

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Team Away Day March 2020

6th Mar 2020

There are two types of people in this world: those that beam from ear to ear at the idea of a "Team Away Day" and those who put their head in their hands in dread and fear of the future. We at ComputerMinds take our Team Away days very seriously and try to be the former! We value taking time out of our hectic work schedules to meet all together, to unwind, have fun and always, ALWAYS enjoy some good food.

As we are based across two offices, we feel that it is extra important for us to make the...

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