ComputerMinds Rebrand: Business Cards

7th Aug 2019

Over the past few months ComputerMinds has undergone a complete rebrand, most noticeably our website has been migrated to Drupal 8 and had a facelift so that it follows our new branding guidelines. But a new logo, colour scheme and aesthetic is only part of the work, we’ve also change all of our corporate stationery to follow our new look and feel.

We tend to be a relatively paperless organisation but one thing we do use a lot are business cards. It is important that these are as engaging and eye catching as possible as handing these out can be...

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Meet Steven

Part of the series
Meet the Team
9th Jul 2019

Steven is our ComputerMinds genius. There's rarely a problem he can't fix, probably due to his wealth of experience in the Drupal world.

Which office do you work in?

Coventry and remotely.

How long have you worked for CM?

Full time: ten and half years, I worked for ComputerMinds part time for a couple of years before that too.

How do you travel to the Office?

Pedal power. Follow me on Strava

What is your favourite thing about working for CM?

ComputerMinds is such a relaxed and fun place to work, it's great, pretty much anything can be changed if...

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ComputerMinds Away Day to the Malverns

3rd Jul 2019

At ComputerMinds we work out of two offices, one in Bristol and another in Coventry so every now and then it’s important for us to get the whole team together to share ideas. When we meet we try to do this away from the office environment for a change of scenery, in the second of our 2019 away days we decided a walk in the Malverns was just the ticket!

We all met in the beautiful Malvern Hills to explore the sights and have a bit of an informal chat about the direction we’re heading as a company as well...

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ComputerMinds do GatsbyJS!

2nd Jul 2019

Here at ComputerMinds, we think of ourselves as Drupal specialists for the UK, but we don't limit ourselves to that. We offer clients a close working relationship and our general flexibility to get stuck into applying our skills to most problems. One of our clients, Alfresco, has come to trust us with more than just our Drupal wisdom. They wanted a new hub that would bring together documentation for a variety of their open source products, which are already on Github. Their documentation was written as Markdown files, so the hub would need to import and transform those files into HTML...

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