26th Apr 2018

As with every other Drupal agency on the planet, it was another fun evening of frantic patching of client sites last night due to the release of the highly critical SA-CORE-2018-004 security update for Drupal, released on 25/04/2018.

Being so closely related to SA-CORE-2018-002 and knowing proven exploits for that were already affecting thousands of un-patched Drupal sites, time was of the essence for this one as a new exploit was sure to be released in a matter of hours.

Our crack team of developers who stayed late especially had all of our clients' production and testing sites patched within a...

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Rebranding ComputerMinds - Part 3: Website design

23rd Apr 2018

Now that we had settled on the branding and had established and planned exactly what we needed to create, I could start looking at designing the new website.

I wanted a clean, spacious site with a modern look and feel. I always keep a close eye on changing design trends and it was important that for our site I was careful to design something that would age well...

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Rebranding ComputerMinds - Part 2: SEO analysis, planning and Information Architecture

19th Apr 2018

Before I could actually start designing, we needed a clear understanding of exactly what we wanted from the new site. We conducted a full SEO analysis to see which content was popular on our existing site and what was not often read and could be consolidated. We also discussed the current state of our business and the direction we wanted to be heading in. We were taking on more and more big development projects and this was something that needed to be reflected and showcased on the site. On the old site, Drupal training was sitting most prominent on the...

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Rebranding ComputerMinds - Part 1: Branding

11th Apr 2018

After seeing our logo alongside others in various places it was clear to us that we were starting to look outdated. The work we were doing was getting more and more advanced and our branding did not reflect this. We needed to rebrand.

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