Vacancies at ComputerMinds Coventry

7th Apr 2022

We currently have a number of vacancies (junior and senior) in our shiny new Coventry office, if you would like to be a part of a dynamic team working on some of the most exciting and cutting edge Drupal projects then Get in touch

We can offer flexible working hours, competitive salary, developer friendly management and plenty more.

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Core web vitals - First input delay

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Core web vitals
19th Oct 2021

If your website gets a lot of traffic from search engines, and Google in particular, then you need to care about all the things that Google wants you to care about, including 'First input delay'. If you don't pay attention to this metric then you may find Google lowering your site in their rankings and thus you get less and less traffic to your site. Usually, we aim for more traffic, not less :)

First input delay

There are many great articles explaining what First Input Delay is, so go read them if you need to, and then come...

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Get Hook-ed on Object-Oriented Programming

15th Sep 2021

Does writing hooks make you sad because the code is too procedural? Are you keen to use the object-oriented programming approach that Drupal and its service container enable, wherever you possibly can? Read on if you answered yes to any of those questions.

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Migrating Drupal 7 Files into Drupal 8 / 9 Media entities

27th Jul 2021

This article assumes a basic knowledge of the building of custom modules, the Drupal 8 / 9 Migration system, and the processes behind creating customised migrations from a previous version of Drupal. One of the more common components of any migration from a previous version of Drupal is the need to migrate files. In Drupal 7 there was a core ‘File’ entity type and on pretty much all of our clients' sites we would also have the contributed module File Entity enabled. This extended the core file functionality and gave the ability to add fields to the file entity, have...

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