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The articles on this page are ComputerMinds' contribution to the Planet Drupal aggregated article feed.  Planet Drupal is intended to collate interesting and useful Drupal content from around the web.

My text filter's placeholder content disappeared!

19th Jun 2024

A story of contributing a fix to Drupal... and a pragmatic workaround

When I upgraded a site from Drupal 10.1 to 10.2, I discovered a particularly serious bug: the login form on our client's site vanished ... which was pretty serious for this site which hid all content behind a login!

We had a custom text format filter plugin to render the login form in place of a custom token in text that editors set, on one of the few pages that anonymous users could access. Forms can have quite different cacheability to the rest of a page, and building...

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Format Drush output for easy wins!

3rd Apr 2024

Drush, the brilliant command-line tool for Drupal, is capable of giving you its output in several ways. Its global --format parameter can be set to a type that you can use in useful ways. Most recently, I found this incredibly useful when I had made some configuration changes through Drupal's admin pages, and needed to then script those changes to automatically apply to hundreds of sites on a platform we manage.

I simply asked Drush for the value of the configuration I had set, formatted as the PHP code to set those values. Then I could drop...

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Webform Protected Downloads

11th Mar 2024

I recently produced the first release of the Webform Protected Downloads module that is compatible with Drupal 10. It provides the ability for sites to have 'gated' content which users can download once they have filled out a form for their details. This can convert engaged visitors into leads, set up licenses for customers, or simply validate a user for access to a file. Put simply, as the project's description says, this module could be useful to you if:

  • You want to offer some files for download to either anonymous or registered users
  • You don't want those files to be...
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Aegir 3 and Drupal 10: just about working

26th Feb 2024

In my previous article I outlined that I really needed to get Drupal 10 sites running in Aegir 3. I had no time to wait around for other solutions, and I was going to try to decouple Aegir from running Drupal sites, so that it wouldn't be tied to Drupal versions.

Since writing that article and actually sitting down to do this work, I realised that it's quite an undertaking, and the approach outlined by Omega8cc in various github issues was worth a second look.

It works!

But it's wild. It comprises three main things:

  1. A custom/forked version of...
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Aegir 3 and Drupal 10: eeek!

26th Jan 2024

Aegir is a hosting system built in Drupal, for Drupal.

It lets you easily create new Drupal sites and create databases, filesystems, virtual hosts etc. for the sites. You can manage hundreds or thousands of sites using a simple Drupal based UI. As simple as you would manage a list of 100 blog posts, you can manage 100 Drupal websites.

Currently the latest released version of Aegir is: Aegir 3.

Aegir 3 relies on Drush 8, which means it can work with: Drupal 7; Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. But not Drupal 10. Oh.

I have need for it to...

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Irina's experience of Drupalcon Lille

26th Oct 2023

Drupalcon Lille 2023 was my first experience of a large Drupal event. I didn't know what to expect but I was so excited and looking forward to it! I have to say Drupalcon exceeded all of my expectations, in a good way!

In the beginning, I tried to remain humble as I’d never seen so many Drupal villagers before. But it didn’t take me long to start chatting to all the exhibitors, and contributors and connect with the community. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Drupal and be part of interesting sessions and informal conversations. It was...

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Andrei's first Drupalcon

25th Oct 2023

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of Drupal; a complex content management system. Despite making considerable progress in understanding its intricacies, it's widely acknowledged that Drupal presents a steep learning curve. To navigate this learning curve successfully, one must maintain unwavering dedication and find satisfaction in troubleshooting and problem-solving, which can provide a rewarding sense of achievement.

I was fortunate to have an exceptional team that provided a constant stream of knowledge, invaluable advice, and overall support in my pursuit of mastering Drupal. A significant milestone in my Drupal journey was the invitation to attend...

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Our favourite Drupalcon sessions, part 1

19th Oct 2023

Personally I’ve found most value in the smaller sessions. There are discussion-style groups around a common interests (BoFs) and presentation seminars. I’ve enjoyed being able to share what wisdom I can in the former – for example, about what page building experiences work best for our clients, or ways to accelerate projects. Drupal is built on collaboration so it’s only fair to give back where we can. My colleague Steven has given back by volunteering to help some sessions run smoothly. 

As for the front-led seminars, here’s which ones each of us found most interesting… 

Andrei: Decoupling your search solution...

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Drupalcon Lille: The keynotes so far

18th Oct 2023

Six of our team have come over to Lille in France where the annual Drupal conference for Europe is this year. It’s a new experience for some and a chance to reconnect with friends in the community for others. We’re all here to learn, and also share where we can. I’ll talk here about the first main keynote sessions, with more articles in the pipeline.

French Drupal association's presentation on the parts of a baguetteTuesday opened the conference with a comical introduction from the local French Drupal association, in which we were taught which part of a baguette is «le quignon» and which is «les miettes». They – the...

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Removing invalid query string parameters passed to a view

3rd May 2023

As a Drupal site administrator, you may notice in the website logs that there might be a large number of repeated log messages along the lines of "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator." We recently had this problem on a Drupal site that was upgraded from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 which featured a product search that was built using Views.

Due to slight differences in the way in which the view and facets were built in the Drupal 9 site, this resulted in slightly different URLs being used when the user would filter the...

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