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Our Services

At ComputerMinds we’re all about Drupal and all of our services revolve around it. Drupal is what we do all day every day - and often in the evenings too. When we are not doing Drupal we are dreaming about doing Drupal.

Drupal Development

As a Drupal house a key part of our business is made up of Drupal development. We have years of experience of developing Drupal websites for a wide range of clients across public, private and third sector organisations. We’re happy to just handle the development stage of a project based on a functional specification provided by you or we often combine our development services with our expert consultancy to see an entire project through from conception to go live and beyond.

Drupal Consultancy

ComputerMinds are experts in all things Drupal and are always keen to share our wealth of experience with our clients. We’re happy to jump in as consultants at any stage of your Drupal project, whether it's early on in the process when you’re still gathering all your requirements or even just trying to evaluate the various options out there; right the way through to helping you extend a current Drupal site. You can rest assured that everyone here at ComputerMinds really knows their stuff and will be able to steer your project in the right direction!

Drupal for Design Agencies

Are you a design agency looking for someone to actually implement the designs you've produced for your client? Well at ComputerMinds we're used to coming onboard with Drupal projects at this stage in their development. We can either white label as you or act as a development resource in our own right. What's more is you don't need to wait until your designs are finished to involve us: we realise that it is often helpful to have technical input from the off so why not get in touch to see how we can help you?!


We realise that when it comes to Drupal development our technical know-how is only part of the solution. For your project to be a complete success it must be properly designed so that it is engaging and easy to use for your users. At ComputerMinds many of our clients come to us with designs ready completed; however, we are more than happy to get involved in this stage of the project from wireframes right the way through to finished, polished designs.

Training and Support

At ComputerMinds we realise that building and delivering your Drupal project is only the start of the journey; any website needs to be properly maintained in order to get the most out of it. This is why we work with our clients to make sure that after go live we’re on hand to help you moving forward. This might just be a case of us ensuring the codebase remains safe and secure as time goes on right the way through to us training your team to allow them to handle the day-to-day tasks such as creating and curating content to ensure you really get the most out of Drupal!

Hosting Consultancy

ComputerMinds have years of experience delivering amazing performance and reliability over a range of hosting environments. We have a wealth of experience working with in-house teams and external suppliers to deliver amazing application infrastructures fit for the modern web. Continuous deployments, self healing, auto scaling, high availability, multi cloud...confused? Let us help you navigate to excellent application reliability and performance without locking you in.