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At ComputerMinds we have worked on some really exciting projects over the years with clients varying from the public and private sectors through to third sector organisations. In this section of our site we try to give you a flavour of what we’ve worked on. If you think we may be able to help you realise your Drupal goals then feel free to drop us a line for some more information!

EDF Zingy

EDF Energy

A platform based solution that could be used across multiple different sites without the requirement for additional code to be written. The main website was previously running on a legacy platform which would be replaced with a new Drupal site. ComputerMinds were involved at every stage of the project from the initial requirements gathering process, implementation, testing and training and support post build.

By working in an agile fashion we were able to dramatically speed up the development process by splitting work into three week sprints which would be implemented, tested and delivered independently..
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Roberts radio

Roberts Radio

On this project the client wanted a rich eCommerce site with multilingual support. Modern and engaging designs were designed by Thinking Juice who we would work alongside as the project progressed. In addition to the actual build of the eCommerce site we also had to think about how we would integrate with the client's backend ERP system, System 21.

Speed of delivery was a key requirement with this project and we managed to complete the entire build in less than two months!
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At its core this project saw the requirement for an eCommerce solution being developed; however, we knew from the outset that in time a number of different sites would be required that would all utilise the same code so things had to be developed in a scalable fashion. What we were essentially creating was a platform on which new sites could be built without huge overhead. Not all the sites would require the same functionality so each would be configured to use only the relevant functionality from the core platform. ComputerMinds handled the development side of things with a design agency providing us with designs to drive the development.

We also need to make sure that the sites tied in nicely with the client's ERP solution, which meant writing some magic to tie the two together seamlessly.
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The Conservative Party

We have been working alongside the Conservative Party since 2010 to provide individual sites for their different Associations across the country as well as to MPs, prospective candidates and many more who have an affiliation to the Party. We have developed a platform that allows us to host and manage multiple sites from one place meaning it is possible for us to build a fresh site in a matter of minutes.
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NNB App screen

Hinkley Point C App

EDF Energy came to us with a requirement for a mobile app for their New Nuclear Build projects which would display news from teamhinkleyc and feature authentication with their Drupal website.
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Radiodetection scanner


A Drupal 8 first for us: a multilingual, multi-site platform. The inclusion of language hierarchy and the integration of moderation and paragraphs provided a fair few head scratching moments indeed!
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