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Children's Hospice South West

Bespoke integration with Salesforce CRM to provide linked webform and event registration functionality.

The Challenge

On this project we had to write an integration with the Salesforce CRM to allow the client's Drupal website to sync with their backend CRM solution. We worked alongside Brandwave, a digital agency who were delivering the core website which we would be extending to add in the Salesforce integration.

In addition to the Salesforce integration we were also required to integrate a third party payment gateway to process the payment side of things when users registered for events.

Our Solution

As ComputerMinds were only involved in delivering a subset of the client's functional requirements we were able to properly hone our efforts to focus solely on the job at hand.
The work for this project had to be approached in a phased manner meaning we could keep things nice and agile as we worked with the client to write some bespoke event management functionality. Basic Salesforce integration was a prerequisite to the bespoke event registration, event ticket management and Webform components.

Once we had the basics of the website talking to Salesforce, we were able to work on the fun stuff - synchronising event data and tickets, working on the event ticket management interface, event registration process and creating custom webform components.

Given the integrated nature of the website, we also had to employ use of the Elysia Cron module in order to give us the flexibility of defining exactly how often (down to the minute) and in what order our various Salesforce synchronisation tasks would run.

This powerful module enabled us to go above and beyond the standard Drupal cron implementation and was an essential component for the Salesforce integration to work as we required on this project, giving us much greater control than the standard Drupal cron implementation does straight out of the box!

Extending Webforms

In this project it was necessary to extend the functionality offered by the Webform module by adding in bespoke webform components so we can support taking donations, purchasing products, entering competitions and more!

CRM Integration

CHSW Salesforce edit page screenshot
Salesforce logo

Working with Salesforce

The key requirement of this project was to write an integration between the client's Drupal website and the Salesforce CRM. At its heart there needed to be a synchronisation in place to sync up event and ticket information stored within Salesforce and Drupal.

The development saw a completely bespoke event registration form being created that fully integrated with Salesforce and a third party payment gateway. We also had to create bespoke webform components which were integrated with Salesforce to allow the website administrators to be able to create bespoke forms on the fly.

Bespoke Multistep Form

A custom multistep form had to be created to handle event registration. This form was fully integrated with Salesforce with event tickets and prices being pulled from the CRM. The form also integrated with a payment gateway to handle payment.