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Articles tagged with "documentation"

Let's say NO to unsanitised inputs

Nathan Page
7th Mar 2019

Last night saw the popular EU Cookie Compliance module fall from grace, as the Drupal community discovered that numerous inputs in the admin form were not being sanitised.

To me, this shows some serious failings in how our community is handling security awareness. Let's do some fixing :)

1) We need to make this OBVIOUS, with clear examples

One of the most important things when trying to get people to write secure code is making them aware of the issues. We need Drupalers of all levels of experience to know and understand the risks posed by unsanitised input, where...

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Keeping dynamic HTML classes easy to find

The Problem

I imagine many of us have been there: there’s some CSS class in your markup, and you need to do something with it. Maybe you want to remove it, change it, or perhaps alter its style declarations. “Easy peasy,” you think, “I’m a developer. I got this.” And so you should.

Next, if you’re anything like me, your first instinct is to fire up your search tool of choice and search your codebase for that string. You’d expect that would lead you to where that class is getting added to your markup, along with anywhere CSS rules...

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Setting up a Drupal API site for module developers

14th Jun 2011

The code that runs is of course Drupal, and it is essentially just scanning the code it's told to and displaying it in a nice format. You can quite easily set up your own API site that you can use to scan your own custom code, or if you're a module developer, your module's documentation (you do have documentation in the code right?)

I'm going to outline how we can use Drupal and Jenkins to build a really nice system for creating an API site that will get updated on-demand, and will manage itself.

The Drupal site


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