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Level up your dev environment

An article series from ComputerMinds - Building with Drupal in the UK since 2005

The other day, I shared with the office that I was really blown away by Steve T's Zsh tip about installing a plugin that gives you a desktop toast notification when a long-running command in a zsh terminal completes.

So astounded I was, that I declared that we should put our heads together and share companywide our top tools and tips. No longer should the most useful things be kept quiet, and no longer shall I be content to miss out!

Everyone pitched in with a few ideas, and I thought it would be good to get them written up for some nice juicy SEO keyword clickbait articles ;)

So, fellow Drupal developers (HTML PHP Javascript CSS SCSS SASS Internet HTTPS DNS broadband browser), watch this space as we add our thoughts and recommendations over the next few weeks.

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