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Level up with Dash

Level up your dev environment
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27th Nov 2018

Nathan Page


Ever wondered if you truly have the perfect setup going on your development PC (or mac!)? There are so many tools out there to make development life easier, but it can be hard to know what's out there. Follow along to hear our top tools and tips, see if there's something missing from your world - and let us know your best tools and tips too!

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Developers spend what, maybe 30% of their time scouring the internet for documentation and answers to questions.

What IF you didn't have to do that? You could save hours of time, right!

Bring on Dash, the brilliant solution to that very problem. Dash essentially gets the documentation you want for all the languages and projects you use, and makes them available for instant local search. No more clicking around Drupal.org trying to find that page about menu hook options in Drupal 7 rather than 8 - you can just search Dash.

You can download documentation and cheat sheets for pretty much every major language and tool out there. Over 200 languages and platforms are available for offline download out of the box, and many major services (Github, Stack Overflow, PHP Packagist and more) have compatible docs for your data-slurping pleasure.

Brilliantly, Dash has excellent integrations with a wide range of other tools and IDEs, including Terminal (wat!), Alfred and PHPStorm, which means that whatever your context you're able to get hold of answers quickly.

Dash has a free tier which makes you wait an agonising 7 seconds for your search results. Once you're hooked (and you will be soon, because 7 seconds is long enough to make you not want to wait, and an Internet search would take longer) you can just pay up some pennies and have instant access to search results.

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