Drupal Queues

17th Mar 2015

Queues are a wonderful way of separating different parts of a system. Once you have separated those parts you can do lots of interesting things, like be more fault tolerant or have a more responsive front end for your users.

For example, lets suppose that we have a website on which we can book a holiday. We can choose lots of different options and at the end of the process when we've booked the holiday we'd like to send the customer a nice PDF detailing all the options they've chosen.

Typically, in a PHP application, you'd have to process this...

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Drupalcamp London 2015

28th Feb 2015

I'm at Drupalcamp London 2015 today, I'm planning to attend:

  1. Applying domain driven design when building Drupal modules using Symfony components - Should hopefully be a nice session about getting 'off the island'.
  2. Uk (and European) user groups - a BOF session that's close to my heart, as I've been a previous group organiser and have attempted to get the different groups to get together before.
  3. Drupal.org in 2015: What's coming next? - I've been interested in helping out with Drupal.org for a long time too, and am interested to find out what's planned.
  4. Drupalcamp London 2016 - I'd really...
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Good practice pays off for Drupal site security

12th Nov 2014

Much has been said about last month's highly critical Drupal security issue 'SA-CORE-2014-005', otherwise known as 'Drupalgeddon'. It was covered by mainstream international media, even if the reaction needs addressing. Drupal's security team take a responsible approach to security issues - being open & honest in disclosing them with fixes, in keeping with the community values. Security issues should always be expected in any software, it's how they are dealt with that speaks far more.

We patched all the sites that we had access to immediately fix, and informed all our clients of the issue as soon as possible. If you host a Drupal site, and haven't yet, run through the Drupalgeddon workflow right now.

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Language lessons: 10 Useful tips

14th Oct 2014

To complete my series on multilingual Drupal, here are some mini-lessons I've learnt. Some of them are are to improve the experience for administrators & translators, others cover obscure corners of code. The first few don't require any knowledge of code, but the later ones will be much more technical.

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