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Quickly creating github pull requests from the command line

2nd Mar 2018

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind

Following on from my feature branching bash script I thought I would do another quick post about a super handy tool I use to streamline my dev workflow a little more (marginal gains and all that).

Hub is a command line tool that lets you do all kinds of clever github stuff without ever having to open a browser.  

All the setup instructions are here - it's pretty simple to get working (if I can do it ...).  I wasn't quite brave enough to alias my git command so I skipped that bit!

So my workflow now looks something like this 

go 12345-my-fix

<do some code changes>

git commit ...
git push

hub pull-request -b production -m 'My PR message'

Which results in a PR all setup in github, all ready for peer review.  Win!