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After drupalgeddon2, ComputerMinds to migrate all sites to brand new Perl based CMS.

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1st Apr 2018

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind
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In light of the recent Drupal security release we at ComputerMinds have taken the decision to rebuild all our client sites in a brand new bespoke CMS custom built in Perl.

Our new CMS, codenamed F001, offers significant improvements over the Drupal architecture - mainly by managing to fit the entire codebase into a single line of code. Other significant improvements include :

  1. Support for HTML1.0 only. By standardising on this well established HTML version we have completely eliminated any cross browser issues, drastically reducing testing time and complexity.

  2. Removing all javascript. Everyone knows javascript is a horrid language. We have removed it entirely. Win.

  3. All CSS is now added inline with content. This gives unrivalled levels of control to the client when creating pages, and has the added bonus of reducing the number of http requests needed to build each page.

  4. We have updated robots.txt to block ALL search engines. By removing your site from search engines like google we can offer much better levels of security. If the hackers can't find you then your site is much safer.

  5. An inbuilt media library with a choice of 4 ASCII art images as standard. New images can be easily added by sending an email description to our support desk who can then create and release the image,

We will begin rolling out all sites this morning and will have completed the release of F001 by 12 today, April 1st.

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