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At ComputerMinds we have worked on some really exciting projects over the years with clients varying from the public and private sectors through to third sector organisations. In this section of our website we try to give you a flavour of what we’ve worked on. If you think we may be able to help you realise your Drupal goals then feel free to drop us a line for some more information!

Radiodetection scanner


A Drupal 8 first for us: a multilingual, multi-site platform. The inclusion of language hierarchy and the integration of moderation and paragraphs provided a fair few head scratching moments indeed!
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Formula 1 cars lined up at the British Grand Prix

Gullivers Sports Travel

Drupal 9 presented us with an opportunity to audit our bespoke platform which is shared by 3 brands. The infrastructure and development workflow around it could be improved and modernised. Many years of development had gone into building the site on the Drupal 7 platform, and moving to Drupal 9 would ensure it could continue to live on for many more years to come.
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Measuring instruments from Hydrotechnik

Hydrotechnik UK

An upgrade of three websites to a shared Drupal 9 platform with content migration, search improvements, and a modern redesign. We established best practices for the client's own Drupal developer to continue on with. The new websites help customers find exactly what they need from a wide selection of very technical products.
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When ComputerMinds first came on board on this project the main requirement was one of consultancy. UCAS manages a number of sites which are supported by their in house development team. The first task was to come up with an elegant solution to their hosting woes. Under the legacy system UCAS were supporting quite a lot of technical resources when it came to hosting so that peaks in demand could be handled without any adverse effects.
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Northern lights

Niquesa Travel

Niquesa Travel wanted to build their luxury travel brand around experiences, like 'Love', 'Connect' and 'Share'. Their website had to communicate these feelings whilst showcasing what they had to offer - itineraries carefully tailored by personal assistants for their clients.
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Travall Guard


A Drupal 7 multilingual eCommerce build, featuring integration with Sage and StoreFeeder, bespoke data migration, AngularJS based vehicle selector and much backend & frontend site optimisation.
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