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Articles tagged with "drupalcon"

Drupalcon Chicago - Core conversations - Content vs Configuration

15th Mar 2011

Drupalcon Chicago had a track for 'Core conversations' that were discussion focused and about the future of Drupal core.

On the first day there were two sessions essentially about managing content and configuration in Drupal. They focused on the differences, similarity and possible solutions for moving content and configuration around and between sites.

Greg Dunlap started a discussion about configuration management, he suggested that we shouldn't try to define a line between content and configuration. He said that actually the problems of being able to stage content, and being able to move configuration around were essentially the same, and could...

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Drupalcon Chicago - Keynote - Dries Buytaert

8th Mar 2011

Dries kicked off another Drupalcon today by giving his keynote presentation to the community. If you missed it then you can view it on the [Drupalcon website][1] but read on for my summary and thoughts.

Dries has been doing these keynotes for a while now, and every one gets better and more polished. Today's was no exception. Dries summarised the process of Drupal 7 development and suggested changes and improvements to the Drupal 8 development workflow. He also outlined some of his priorities for Drupal 8.

In the keynote at Drupalcon Chicago, Dries pulled out several good things that came...

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Drupal(Vol)Con 2010

27th Apr 2010

Computerminds were due to attend the latest DrupalCon over in San Francisco, however Eyjafjallajokull had other ideas. With planes grounded and Europe at a standstill (in the air) we couldn't make it.

However, an amazing bunch of people came together a couple of days before the start of Drupalcon proper to set up: DrupalVolCon London.

DrupalVolCon was really cool, we watched the drupalcon keynotes from SF on a projector, and ate lots of pizza. We also presented sessions to each other, unconference style, here are some of the highlights:

- Email-Newsletter module - - Robert Castelo showed us his...

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