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Articles tagged with "cron"

12 month contrib challenge: XML sitemap

5th May 2020

We've been busy recently, but that doesn't stop us at ComputerMinds contributing back to the Drupal community! For our latest multilingual website, we needed an XML sitemap with alternate links and hreflang attributes. This site uses separate domains for each language - for example, (??) and (??). Search engines need these alternate links to help them understand how to match up each translation of a page, which are distributed across these different domains. But this site is built on our existing Drupal 7 e-commerce platform that uses the XML sitemap project, which has no support for alternate links (nor entity translation...

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Drupal Job Scheduler : Easily scheduling periodic tasks

11th Dec 2012

Sometimes as a module developer you need to have some code execute periodically, like maybe every day or even once a week. This might be to optimise an external system, or pull in some external data or to compute some statistics every day etc. Drupal provides a very simple way of doing this: hook_cron but if you want your code to only execute say once a day or after 6pm only, then you have to add extra logic to your implementation. However, the [Job Scheduler][js] module provides a nice framework for setting up and running these periodic functions.


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