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CM Drupal Contribution Challenge 2020

An article series from ComputerMinds - Building with Drupal in the UK since 2005

This year a bunch of us at ComputerMinds are challenging ourselves to make a contribution every month. We read a great blog by Fran Garcia, who had recently finished a contribution challenge, and we felt inspired to do the same. No more talk about contributing back to Drupal more often - it's action time!

As keen supporters of the community, we do contribute back when we can - and we've been one of the top organisations contributing to Drupal Core for the last few years. We've sponsored events and we've written and supported modules like Aegir and Views Data Export.

For some of us, it's not always possible to contribute as regularly or as easily as we'd hope! Much depends on what you're working on, how pressed you are for time and how custom the solution is. That said, we think that with a little determination we can find ways to give back more to the Drupal community. This new commitment, then, takes us a good step up from our occasional "try harder to give back to the community" discussion, and into new territory.

We wrote about encouraging clients to sponsor Drupal development, but we can't ask clients to care about something that we're not working super hard to support ourselves. So we're aiming to get CM making even more contributions!

There are loads of ways to contribute to Drupal, and we're considering all of them as valid towards our challenge. Everyone can take part and there are loads of options for contributing that aren't just fixing code and rolling patches - though probably a bunch of us will be aiming to write patches for useful/important/interesting issues, for Drupal Core and for Contrib Modules.

As we go through the year we'll write up some of our more interesting contributions and fixes, as a way of bringing some publicity to some cool modules, interesting concepts and Drupal contribution in general!

Do you want to join us in our challenge? Tweet, blog, write, share, and make a great noise about your Drupal contributions - every bit makes a difference!

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