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Articles tagged with "theme"

Where is my content coming from?

5th Mar 2014

I was asked at Drupalcamp London how to identify where parts of a panel come from. Whether you need to change something on a site you inherited, are looking to trace your steps back on something you created long ago, or need to understand how to fix a colleague's mistake, it can be helpful to have a toolkit of methods to find out what produces all sorts of mystery content - not just for panels, but also views, blocks, fields, and the like.

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Setting default drupal theme during installation : programatically install a drupal theme

25th Mar 2011

Here's a quick post that will be a reminder for us as much as anyone else! Setting the default theme during installation using an installation profile is surprisingly hard in Drupal 6, and easier though not obvious in Drupal 7. In Drupal 6, we used the wonderful Install Profile API module, which allowed us to do it in just a few lines in an install task:

  install_enable_theme(array('my_theme', 'garland', 'rubik'));

In Drupal 7, here's the code I use in my install task:

  // Any themes without keys here will get numeric keys and so will be enabled,...
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Drupal - changing the calander view to display single letter for day of the week

30th Nov 2007

By default the Drupal event module will provide a nice calander block, listing the days of the week accross the top using 3 letter abbreviations (mon, tue etc).

This little theme snippet will override this default behaviour and display the first letter of each day of the week (i.e. M T W) etc.

Pop the following into your template.php file and you should be in business

function phptemplate_event_calendar_month($op, $header, 
$rows, $attributes = array(), $caption = NULL) {
  //run through each item in the old header and just use the first letter 
//instead of the entire word
  foreach ($header as...
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