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Articles tagged with "form"

Multiple conditions for dynamic forms in Drupal 7

5th Jul 2011

Here's a quick follow-up to my original post on Dynamic forms in Drupal 7, as a reply to Wappie08, who asked me about combining conditions in the #states array to add increased control over the display of your form elements.

The question:

Hi James Williams, I read your blog post about d7 & #states in the FAPI which is really cool! One problem is that the information is also listed in the example module, I was missing one important extra hint: how can you make an IF statement?

I mean:
IF field_1 is '1' or...

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Dynamic forms in Drupal 7

28th Jan 2011

When building forms, you will often want to only provide certain options if other options are chosen by a user. For example, there's no need to show the 'open link in new window' checkbox, if the 'make this into a link' checkbox hasn't been ticked. These kinds of dynamic forms haven't been easily available for Drupal... until now, with the #states for form elements in Drupal 7.

Take a peek at this example of dynamic forms in Drupal 7.

To make one form element be dependent on another element, you may have delved into AJAX, or tried using CTools...

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Using CTools for form item dependency / visibility

10th Jan 2011

What are CTools Dependencies?

One of several helpers included in the ctools module, ctools dependency is described on the module page itself as "a simple form widget to make form items appear and disappear based upon the selections in another item". It's designed to make it easy and quick to hide/show form elements based on the value of other form elements in the browser using javascript.

This article was written in reference to Drupal 6. See below for notes about Drupal 7.

How to add visual dependencies to your form elements

An example. This code can live in the...

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Drupal 6 - Multiple instances of the same form on one page

10th Feb 2009

There's an excellent article over on gtrlabs: Drupal 5: How to process multiple instances of the same form on the same page that describes in detail how to have multiple copies of the same form on the same page. There are some subtle differences to use this technique in Drupal 6, which I'll explain below.

The idea of this technique is simple, drupal forms are identified by their 'form_id' and these ids must be unique on a page, so if you want the same form to appear more than once, you need to change the 'form_id' somehow. We do this...

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