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Articles tagged with "facebook"

Creating Facebook Canvas Apps & Page Tabs

9th Mar 2012

Facebook integration is obviously starting to become a de facto requirement with most web development projects. In most cases the requirements are reasonably straight forward and involve nothing more than including a ‘Like’ button on content, but what about actually adding your own bespoke content to Facebook like The Guardian – bring on the Facebook Canvas App.

Canvas Apps are essentially just a way of wrapping some externally hosted content and putting this onto a Facebook branded page. We’ll use a basic example of just getting this page onto Facebook as a starting point before starting to explore how we...

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Facebook like views integration

12th Nov 2010

Facebook is rapidly taking over the planet, and Drupal is arguably trying to do the same. Facebook added the concept of 'liking' a webpage to their array of social tools a while ago. Drupal modules quickly added the ability to 'like' content on your site.

This is all well and good, but what about getting some of that data back into Drupal?

Suppose that you have an image gallery, and you want people to be able to rate the images, by 'liking' them using Facebook like. What you'd really like to be able to do then is build a 'top...

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