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Working with Drupal vocabularies

Drupal uses taxonomies to categorise content. Taxonomies are made up of a number of user defined vocabularies which are essentially category types so an example might be news article categories. Vocabularies are in turn made up of a number of terms which a user can then tag content to, so using our example of news categories we might have a term of 'Drupal' which we can then use ri rag all of our Drupal news. Find out more about vocabularies by reading some of our articles below...

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Replacing a vocabulary listing

29th Nov 2016

In a recent Drupal 8 project, one of the site's vocabularies had several thousand terms in it (representing airports), which caused its admin listing page to run out of memory before it could render. I wanted to solve this without affecting any other vocabularies on the site, and improve the listing itself along the way to be more useful, with filters to make searching it much easier. The original listing is not a view, and loads much more than it needs to. Here's the customised page for airports that I wanted to head towards:

Customised airports view

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