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Drupal Science Camp - The results

31st Jan 2012

Drupal Science Camp was the first Drupalcamp in the UK of 2012. It was wonderfully organised by Rachel Lawson and Euan Bayliss at a magnificent venue provided free of charge by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Computerminds had the privilege of being one of the sponsors of the event. It was great to be able to support a weekend of learning and general Drupal fun.

We'd like to say a big thank you everyone involved with the event, from organisers to attendees and even those that weren't there, but made the event possible. Thank you! It was really great, and sets a...

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DrupalCamp day 2

17th Jun 2009

Day 2 at Drupalcamp UK was as packed with goodness as the first day, here's some of the highlights:

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

In this excellent session given by Adam Evans common techniques and pitfalls for integrating applications with Drupal were covered. There were some really good tips, including using Solr to search external data held in a e-commerce system and using the Drupal Apache Solr module to pull that data into a Drupal page.

Form API

This session at Drupalcamp UK was given by our very own computermind: Steven Jones. He took a quick poll, and people wanted...

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DrupalCamp day 1

15th Jun 2009

A brief summary of some of the cool stuff I picked up from day 1 at DrupalCamp, interestingly most of it wasn't necessarily Drupal related ... day 2 and pics (featuring lots of ComputerMinds lanyards!) etc to follow ...

Hudson - a tool that automates builds, running of unit tests, running of jmeter performance tests and some other loveliness. Configure it to run periodically against your various SVN branches (works with other SCC systems (Git, CVS etc) too I believe). It even has front end with little weather style graphics, rainy if its broke, sunny if it's good, cloudy if...

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