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Articles tagged with "CCK"

Using Drush export content type, and views

6th Jul 2009

We're not sure what to do with these: we've written two simple Drush scripts for exporting content types and views. Saving us from having to navigate a few pages and precious seconds.

Download them and pop them somewhere Drush can find them, a good candidate would be in ~/.drush

Then you can run them by typing:

drush export view <view_name>


drush export content type <type_name>

You should now either have an error message or and exported view or content type in a file. The files are saved in the current working directory (in most cases where you ran drush...

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Ensuring a CCK field has unique values

27th Jan 2009

Super quick one this: say you have a CCK field on a particular node whose values you want to ensure are unique across all nodes on your site, you could write yourself a nice little helper module, or some PHP directly into the CCK field validation section of the admin form, but, a helper module already exists!
Unique field is a lovely little module that allows you to say that a particular text, number or date field should have unique values across the site, or indeed in that node.

I used this on a user's profile node for a 'alias'...

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