What we do

If you've been doing a big of digging around our site then you've probably gathered by now we do quite a lot of stuff using drupal, if you don't know what drupal is then don't worry, in short we build web sites and web applications as well as talk quite a lot about them. Basically we are keen to get involved in any web based project, whether it's through us acting as the developer or just acting as a bit of a guide in the right direction. We want to show you how much you can acheive using drupal as your starting point.

Our range of services has grown over the years, but drupal remains integral to what we do here at ComputerMinds. We have our own virtualised server stack that has been developed with drupal in mind, meaning that your new drupal site will run quickly and reliably. We are used to coming in at various stages of the development process, be it at the beginning in an advisory capicity, the middle as the actual developers or we are more than happy to handle the entire development process.

Aside from development we like to think of ourselves as drupal experts, and offer a wide range of training and consultancy packages. We don't like to tie these down too much as we feel that they are more beneficial if they concentrate on your real world problems. Training and consultancy can either happen at our offices in Bristol or we can come to you.