ComputerMinds had humble beginnings in the world of technical support; back then drupal wasn't even a glint in our eye. We were kept busy fixing printers that wouldn't play ball, wiring small networks and just generally being on hand for all of our clients computing woes.

Then one day our willingness to say 'yes' to any challenge that our clients could throw at us lead us to stumble upon the world of drupal. We were doing some research into what Content Management System would be best suited for a particular project that had come to our door and quickly settled on drupal as being the best suited for our needs. This was over ten years ago and back then drupal was a very different beast to its much more refined current incarnation.

Most of us at ComputerMinds come from a computer science background so we love to get our teeth into a bit of old school problem solving and in these early days working with drupal gave us more than enough opportunity to do so. There was lots of trial and error, many sleepless nights trying to figure out why certain, and often reasonable integral, bits of our code weren't working in quite the way we expected, if they were working at all. But by the end of this first project we were sold on the idea that drupal was the way forward and changed our entire business model to nurture this fledgling CMS.

Today things are very different, we have a strong team of 'drupalumpers' who really know their stuff. We have slowly built up our contacts and reputation, put simply we have come a long way since the days when we were pretty much the only company in the UK playing the drupal game. Competition in the drupal arena is much stronger today than it was back then as there are a lot of companies that have cottoned onto what we first realised ten years ago, but that hasn't deterred us. We now not only offer our clients the highest quality of drupal development possible, but also everything else they need to get their websites from the point of an idea to a reality, including advice, design and of course implementation and support.

Who know's what the future may hold for ComputerMinds, but we are confident that things are about to start to get a bit more exciting for us, we've got a good team of people, some really interesting projects and a real enthusiasm to see what we can get drupal to do next.