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Articles tagged with "tinymce"

Drupal 6 tinymce button layout problem

28th Sep 2008

We had a problem today with tinymce on Drupal 6, with a large number of buttons enabled the width of the tinymce button area just kept on growing - not pretty

Adding the following CSS to our Drupal 6 theme solved the tinymce button problem

.defaultSkin table.mceToolbar,
.defaultSkin tr.mceFirst .mceToolbar tr td, 
.defaultSkin tr.mceLast .mceToolbar tr td {

.defaultSkin table.mceToolbar{
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Remove tinymce from drupal block edit page when format is set to PHP

20th Sep 2008

Small one this to compliment our other article on removing tinymce from select textareas. This enhancement will hide tinymce from the Drupal block edit screen when the input format is set to PHP. This stops the problem of tinymce stripping the PHP tags from the block edit textarea when you edit your block

The following function goes into your template.php file and will solve the problem of tinymce showing up on a block when the format is set to PHP

function phptemplate_tinymce_theme($init, $textarea_name, $theme_name, $is_running) {
  print $textarea_name;
    //add text areas to disable tinymce for
    case 'log':
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