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Articles tagged with "ecommerce"

Making product images consistent with image styles

We’ve recently given the site a new face lift and stumbled across an interesting problem during development when it came to implementing the new product carousel on their product pages, more specifically, the handling of the images themselves.

The design brief stipulated that the transparent studio style product images required a light grey background behind them, giving the impression of a product floating nicely in the middle of a light grey surrounding.

We had 2 problems here:

1. A lot of the studio style product images didn’t have sufficient transparent space around themselves and we ended up with unsightly results; images would...

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Preparing your website for Black Friday

29th Oct 2019

Does your site have an online store? Are you looking to have sales on during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period? Then read on - here are some quick tips to help you make the most of the sales period by ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible to make sure both your marketing and site are up to scratch.

Marketing / Promotion

You should have a plan in place for marketing your deals, otherwise how are people going to find out about them? This could include; promotions on your own website, promotion via social media (e.g Facebook...

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Increase the performance of Drupal's ubercart for sites with a large number of products

12th Apr 2008

We are in the process of putting together a large (20k products) store with ubercart and ran into some performance issues due to the hook_forms implementation.

The problem obviously is that a form is being registered for each product regardless of if that product is being displayed or not. This is a bit unnecessary, so our solution was to do the following :

  • comment out the hook_forms implementation in uc_product
  • write a little module that keeps tabs on which product nodes have been loaded and implements hook_forms to register forms for only those products,

We have attached the module...

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