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Meet Mike

Meet the Team

Meet Mike

Meet the Team
An article from ComputerMinds - Building with Drupal in the UK since 2005
11th Jun 2019

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind
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As a web based company our clients often don't get to know the people behind the name they see on their screens. We want to take the mystery away and give you the opportunity to get to know the ComputerMinds a bit better. We're quite nice, although maybe we're a bit biased about that!

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Mike is our MasterMind. The Boss. Leader of all the ComputerMinds. We asked him a few questions to find out a bit more about him....

So Mike, can I ask you a few questions for the newsletter?

Sure, hit me!

Which office do you work in?

Sunny Bristol

How long has computerMinds been running?

Forever! About 15 years...

How do you travel to the office?

Run or Bike, occasionally bus

What is your favourite thing about working at ComputerMinds?

Being the boss! Actually the fact I get to hang out with super clever people all day and solve interesting problems.

What is your favourite thing to eat when at work?

The Bristol office are currently addicted to soup, it's possible the addiction won't survive the sunny summer weather.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, but only before 10am

What is an interesting fact about you?

In a previous life I spent a couple of years working in a toy shop dressed as various children's characters.

What Drupal projects/modules are you involved in?

I don't get too much time these days, but I occasionally pop up with the odd (some might say very odd) patch here and there!

What's your favourite kind of Drupal work?

I've been doing a lot of project rescues recently, I enjoy the challenge of coming in cold and picking up projects in various states on panic. Things are never normally as bad as the client fears and it's satisfying getting things back on track.

What made you focus ComputerMinds on Drupal?

It's a good story. Back in the day, we were working for a client who wanted a CMS to power their amazing new product that allowed people to upload and share videos for free. We did a bunch of research, decided on Drupal 4.5 as it offered the most flexibility and leant itself to operating in a headless way, and the rest is history. As for the client and their revolutionary video sharing concept ... 2 weeks before we were due to launch something called "youtube" also launched and gained a bit of traction!

What has made ComputerMinds the success it is today?

Without doubt our fabulous minds! There is no problem they cannot solve, no client they cannot talk to and no coffee they cannot drink.

Learn more about Mike on his profile page or if you like you can read more about the team at ComputerMinds.

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