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Using mollom with Drupal

We have recently started using Mollom on our Drupal site. Mollom is a clever anti spam service, that combines auto SPAM detection techniques with a normal CAPTCHA. The idea is simple, Mollom will check form submissions, if it thinks something is SPAM then it will prompt the submitter to complete a CAPTCHA. This means that you don't risk losing valid submissions to an over aggressive SPAM filter, and you don't risk scaring off users with an un-necessary CAPTCHA.

Setup is simple you need


We have been using Mollom for a while now - great isn't it!!

We just started using Mollom. It's a little weird in that I don't see a captcha, but who knows.

We were using ReCaptcha, but lately a ton of spam has gotten through. Now, the one thing I don't quite understand is whether you're supposed to disable the CAPTCHA module or what.


I think your meant to turn Captcha/ReCaptcha OFF for the forms on which you are using Mollom - I'm not too sure what would happen if you left it on.

Mollom works like this :

1. No CAPTCHA is shown on the form
2. Your punter fills the form in and presses submit
3. Mollum works it's magic and checks how SPAMy it thinks the submission is
4. If it's particularly SPAMy then Mollom will stop the submission and add a Captcha to the form - giving your punter the chance to prove they are infact human.

It's a brilliant concept as you don't have the barrier that a standard Captcha adds. Let us know how you get on with it ...

We have been using Mollom for a while now - great isn't it!!


testing spam filter.. testing with the word spam written a few times, like here, spam, and there, spam...

I will post a second comment right after this one.

testing again spam, spam, spam...

so is this thing working with mollom?

Yup this is working with Mollum, but I'm not sure just typing the word spam will trigger it - I think it checks things like IP addresses etc rather than just the word "spam" :)

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