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Some nice quick views theming tricks in Drupal 5

27th Jan 2009

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind

Thought I would post this little function on here, we tend to use it a lot and it gives some nice little extras for you to play with when you come to template your nodes.

  • $node->view_name : the name of the view this node is being rendered in
  • $node->position_in_view : the position within the view for this node

function phptemplate_views_view_nodes($view, $nodes, $type, $teasers = false, $links = true) {
  static $count;

  foreach ($nodes as $n) {
    $node = node_load($n->nid);
    $node->view_name = $view->name;

    $output .= node_view($node, $teasers, false, $links);
  return $output;