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Drupal node operations

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7th Feb 2009

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind

We love the views bulk operations module here at ComputerMinds, and frequently use it to create some lovely administrative interfaces.

However we often find a need for an administrator to be able to perform operations in a quick and easy way on an individual node. While some of the core operations (publish, make sticky etc) can be performed from the edit tab of the node, many other node operations do not offer this facility ("rebuild image thumbnails" for example).

So we have put together a simple module that exposes a form just like the one you get on the node admin page, that will allow you to perform bulk operations on the single node that you are currently viewing.

Drupal 5 only at the moment, it's available from the node_operations_block project page - and a Drupal 6 version that integrates with actions is on it's way ...

Project page :

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