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Drupalcamp London 2015

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28th Feb 2015

Steven Jones

Senior Developer

I'm at Drupalcamp London 2015 today, I'm planning to attend:

  1. Applying domain driven design when building Drupal modules using Symfony components - Should hopefully be a nice session about getting 'off the island'.
  2. Uk (and European) user groups - a BOF session that's close to my heart, as I've been a previous group organiser and have attempted to get the different groups to get together before.
  3. Drupal.org in 2015: What's coming next? - I've been interested in helping out with Drupal.org for a long time too, and am interested to find out what's planned.
  4. Drupalcamp London 2016 - I'd really like to get involved with organising one of the bigger events, not 100% sure what I'd do, so I'll turn up and find out what needs help!

DrupalCamp London has been great in previous years, and I'm sure that will continue. I'll attempt to provide a write up for each of the sessions I attend too.