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Allowing unfiltered content on the Drupal contact page

The contact page exposed by the Drupal contact module is great, it allows you to put together a contact form quickly and easily. But there is one small(ish) problem, the header text for the form is being filtered - which prevents you from using certain tags (for example embed). We found this problem when trying to embed a youtube movie onto the drupal contact form.

The solution is a little bit of themeing - put the following in your template.php file, you will have to be a bit carefull as your now not filtering your output - so you HAVE to be able to trust the person editing the contact form details.


* Customise the contact page
function theme_contact_mail_page($form){
$output = variable_get('contact_form_information', t('You can leave a message using the contact form below.')); 
//NOTE this is not being filtered so we can include HTML in the contact form
$output .= drupal_render($form);
return $output;