Drupal training : Making the move to Drupal 6

Drupal training course overview
Drupal 6 promises many exciting new features, as well as significant API changes (notably the form API) and a reworking of the entire menu system. This course guides the developer through the changes and new features.

Course requirements
Good developer's knowledge of Drupal 5.X

Course Duration
8 hours (1 day)

£500 per delegate at our premises in Bristol, £850 for up to 5 delegates at your premises. Interested in multiple courses or variations - contact us

Drupal training course outline

  • Introduction to drupal 6 (including current state of development)
  • New end user functionality in Drupal 6 (update status, mutli-language features, actions/triggers etc)
  • Changes to API functions (such as l() and url())
  • Changes to the form API
  • Introduction to the new menu system
  • Changes to the interaction between themes and modules
  • Site upgrade checklist
  • How you can help with the development of Drupal 6

Bookings / more information, contact us.