Drupal for design houses

Drupal is great for design houses. You can offer your clients all the benefits of a mature CMS, without the headaches associated with the old proprietary systems (namely being tied into 1 supplier). But the Drupal learning curve is a steep one, and to implement the interesting mature designs that today's market is demanding can require the skills of a Drupal ninja.This is where Computerminds come in, we are Drupal experts, we know Drupal inside out because its all we do. We can work with you in a number of ways, from standard out-sourcing (we can build you a site from your scamps, or just build your back end leaving you to do the XHTML/CSS) to training/consulting where we can work with your current web dev guys and turn them into super quick Drupal themers (meaning you can keep the skills in house and boost your margins - check out our Drupal Mindshare training + consultancy package).
Why not get in touch and have a chat about making the move to Drupal.