Drupal consultants offering Drupal consulting in the UK

ComputerMinds have built literally hundreds of enterprise level Drupal sites. We have worked with large clients across the public, private and third sectors. Our Drupal architects and consultants can share this knowledge and experience with you to ensure your Drupal project is delivered on time and on budget

We can help with your project planning, delivering technical specification and architecture documents

We can work alongside your existing in-house team ensuring a high transfer of skills, turning them into Drupal ninjas or even help you assemble a complete Drupal squadron from scratch.

We can advise and support your ongoing development, solving problems of change release, code and database management as well as site deployment

We also specialize in offering services to design houses looking to outsource their back-end / XHTML work, we handle the Drupal side of things leaving your designers to concentrate on the design work they do best.

And finally we have our unique Drupal MindShare package - aimed at the smaller freelance developer