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A guide to FREE A/B testing on Drupal

An article series from ComputerMinds - Building with Drupal in the UK since 2005.

A/B testing is 'the bomb'. It is the resolution to the long-nagging question of whether blue or red is better on the homepage banner. It is the answer to your SEO fella's missing data and it is, potentially, the key to unlocking better customer experiences and higher revenues on your site.

How frustrating, then, it can be to realise that this key either costs a big pile of money, or can be incredibly complicated to obtain.

"No more!", says ComputerMinds. We shall figure this out and share the way!

This is our guide to FREE A/B testing. Many of our (and probably also your) clients have budgetary or practical restrictions that make the FREE bit important. There are some great companies and platforms out there that will happily take your money for amazing products and services - we shan't knock them, as they're probably worth it if you do have the cash - but this guide targets the free end of the market.

In our guide we'll cover what options are available, then share our experiences working with them this last year. By the end, we hope you'll have gained a really helpful overview of your options and how they'll work.

Articles in this series