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ComputerMinds Rebrand: Business Cards

An article from ComputerMinds - Building with Drupal in the UK since 2005.
7th Aug 2019

Chris Didcote

Senior Consultant

Over the past few months ComputerMinds has undergone a complete rebrand, most noticeably our website has been migrated to Drupal 8 and had a facelift so that it follows our new branding guidelines. But a new logo, colour scheme and aesthetic is only part of the work, we’ve also change all of our corporate stationery to follow our new look and feel.

We tend to be a relatively paperless organisation but one thing we do use a lot are business cards. It is important that these are as engaging and eye catching as possible as handing these out can be a key lead generator for us. To make our business cards as environmentally friendly as possible we decided not to personalise them to individual members of our team so we don't end up printing loads of cards that don't get used, instead we have one generic design which any team member can hand out!

It was time for a complete redesign. Our old cards not only didn’t follow our new branding guidelines; they were looking a bit dated so we used this opportunity for a complete overhaul. The images below show both our old cards and our new design, as we’re sure you’ll agree this is a great improvement and to make them even greener we’ve decided to print them on recycled cotton t-shirts - we look forward to handing them out!

Old and new business card designs


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