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Drupal 6 is released - hoooooray!!

14th Feb 2008

Mike Dixon

Senior Mind

Well, it's finally happened - the brand spanking new Drupal 6 has been released into the wild. We have been playing a lot with Drupal 6 and getting ourselves quite excited (finally drupal_execute has decent return values, and the menu system feels a bit less 'brutal'). However, while we would love to start building client sites on it there is one major omission - the views module.

Suffice to say there have been many discussions about the core-worthyness of the views module, so I am not about to start another one here! Instead I'll just say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved with what we think will be a massively important release for the Drupal

PS - Can it really be a year already since Drupal 5 was released! It seems like only yesterday we were stumbling over those fancy new admin/build and admin/content menu entries LOL