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Articles tagged with "hosting"

Good practice pays off for Drupal site security

12th Nov 2014

Much has been said about last month's highly critical Drupal security issue 'SA-CORE-2014-005', otherwise known as 'Drupalgeddon'. It was covered by mainstream international media, even if the reaction needs addressing. Drupal's security team take a responsible approach to security issues - being open & honest in disclosing them with fixes, in keeping with the community values. Security issues should always be expected in any software, it's how they are dealt with that speaks far more.

We patched all the sites that we had access to immediately fix, and informed all our clients of the issue as soon as possible. If you host a Drupal site, and haven't yet, run through the Drupalgeddon workflow right now.

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Using project mercury/pantheon for hosting a Drupal site

23rd Feb 2011

We have been using mercury/pantheon to host sites for a while now, we love the fact that you can get a fully configured Drupal hosting environment with all the trimmings for very little work. Specifically we have been using linode for our actual hosting, they are well priced, offer a good product and (this WAS the deal breaker) have mercury/pantheon "stackscripts" ready to roll (a linode stack script is essentially a build script you can use to setup your fresh server).

What we hadn't realised until recently is that mercury/pantheon has gotten a whole lot easier to setup - instead...

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