Introduction to Drupal

Drupal training course overview
This course will cover the basics of building a Drupal site, covering the core modules and some of the more popular contributed modules. A great introduction to Drupal.

Course requirements
Non required

Course Duration
16 hours (2 day)

£850 per delegate at our premises in Bristol, £1700 for up to 5 delegates at your premises. Interested in multiple courses or variations - contact us

Drupal training course outline

  • Basic introduction to web technologies, web servers, FTP etc.
  • Installing a local web server
  • Installing Drupal
  • Walking through the basic concepts, creating node types, adding content, handling users etc
  • Walk through the core modules
  • Taxonomy
  • Installing contributed modules
  • Using pathauto to build clean URLs
  • Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in Drupal
  • Handling images, covering the various options available.
  • WYSIWYG editors, pros and cons of available editors and installing TinyMCE
  • Views module - creating pages of content
  • CCK module - adding custom fields to your content types
  • Other common contributed modules (organic groups, event and more)
  • Introduction to theming Drupal

Bookings / more information, contact us.