Upgrade your Drupal site

Drupal has a major version release approximately once a year. These major releases generally break your existing custom Drupal modules, and in some cases your custom themes. It is however important that you keep on top of the release cycle and make sure that you are ready to upgrade your Drupal site within a couple of months of the major version releases. Here at computerminds we have experience of upgrading sites, modules and themes for all the major Drupal releases.

ComputerMinds can help with your Drupal upgrade, whether you are upgrading to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, even from Drupal 5 or Drupal 6. We can do the full Drupal upgrade for you, without losing content or data - or we can offer help and support in the form of Drupal training and consulting.

We offer a Moving to Drupal 7 training course.