Drupal training - how to sell and specify a Drupal site.

Drupal training course overview
As more big firms get onto the Drupal train, we felt we needed to start offering courses aimed at more than just developers. This course is aimed squarely at your client facing sales/pre-sales team, we try and keep things as non-technical as possible but we still get you hands on with Drupal so you have an idea of what your developers are working with. The specification stage of a Drupal project is key to the projects success, by knowing what Drupal can and cannot do and tailoring your spec accordingly you can make big savings.

Course Duration
8 hours (1 day)

£620 per delegate at our premises in Bristol, £815 for up to 5 delegates at your premises. Interested in multiple courses or variations - contact us

Drupal training course outline

  • Introduction to Drupal, covering the basic concepts
  • Hands on with Drupal, CCK, views and basic content
  • What functionality you can get for "free" with Drupal
  • Estimating Drupal project times
  • Writing the specification - making things easy for your developers

Bookings / more information, contact us.