Drupal MindShare - Drupal for freelance web developers

Drupal is an excellent tool for the freelance developer, allowing you to offer your clients a level of functionality that will just blow their minds. Once you have invested the time in learning how to work with Drupal running small Drupal projects can be easy, fun and profitable.
Computerminds offer a unique consultancy/training program - Drupal MindShare - aimed specifically at the small freelance web developer. Come to us with your specification and designs for a real live project, and we will work WITH you on that project - training, consulting and sharing our invaluable experience with you as we go. We can cover anything your project requires and the timescales allow

  • Theming - we can get you started with your templates and put the bulk of your layout in place for you to hang the CSS on later.
  • Module choices - we can advise on which modules you need to do the job, and more importantly we can explain the rationale behind our choices so your armed and ready for your next project
  • Custom module work - if you're up to it (PHP + MySQL skills) we can get you started on building your own modules
  • General working practices - using things like SVN and bug tracking systems to work efficiently and save yourself pain and pennies

We also offer ongoing help and support at the end of a phone line - stuck on a nasty theme problem? not sure if you should use simple access or TAC? We can help you out.
Perhaps most importantly we can offer advice on specifying your projects and dealing with your clients - small changes in the specification stages to make things more Drupal friendly can turn your month long nightmare build into a 3 day rapid job
Charges : We offer our MindShare Drupal training/consultancy package at a standard rate of £500/day - and one day is normally sufficient to make some serious progress on most projects. For more details on Drupal MindShare and bookings please contact us here