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Articles tagged with "drupal6"

Quick Guide to using drupal_add_tabledrag and enjoying jquery drag and drop loveliness

6th Mar 2009

We are finding that the feature exciting most end users in Drupal 6 is the lovely new jquery based drag and drop, as seen on the blocks and menu edit pages - we will be quite happy never have to explain the concept of "weights" again. The best news is that you can add this functionality to your own forms for free - and here is how.

Build and theme the form

We are assuming your vaguely familiar with the form API - you can brush up here - so we won't go into too much detail here....

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Displaying exposed filter form for views in Drupal 6 (views 2)

15th Aug 2008

One of the joys of working with Drupal 6, and views 2, is that you have to relearn a lot of things you used to take for granted ... one trick we use in most projects is embedding views filters in blocks, nodes or custom code. There are plenty of scenarios this is useful, the classic being to create a flexible views based replacement for the normal Drupal search. Anyway, enough of the blurb - heres the good stuff - some code to give you the filter form for a Drupal 6 views 2 view.

  $view = views_get_view('your_view_name');
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