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Articles tagged with "admin"

Patching Drupal without server access

3rd Apr 2018

If you don't have access to the file system on the server for a Drupal site, when a security issue like Drupalgeddon2 comes along, you are entitled to panic! Many sites are run by a combination of teams, so sometimes you really don't have control over the server... but that might even mean there is another way to apply fixes. If you've been tasked with updating such a site (I was!), it's worth checking if the server has been misconfigured in such a way to actually allow you to patch Drupal, via Drupal!

A heavy caveat first: we would never...

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Drupal Problem with the admin/content/node page filter

15th Apr 2008

A rather obscure one this, but we found a problem today on one of our Drupal sites with the filter form on the node admin screen (admin/content/node). Changing the filter settings on the form had no effect, which prevented you from filtering the list of nodes. We tracked the solution down to the $_SESSION array being cleared between page reloads, and a quick google pointed the finger at the Remember me module. Disabling the module solved the problem

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