Our approach

At ComputerMinds we like to keep things reasonably informal, that said, we're more than happy to don a suit and do the grown up stuff when we have to. When working with our clients we like to keep the amount of abstraction between the people who are building the site and the client to an absolute minimum. This is why everyone who you talk to at ComputerMinds knows the ins and outs of the drupal platform; meaning that you're always getting expert advice, and often an instant answer to any of your queries.

When it comes to development we like to work with you right from the beginning, helping you build up a specification that we will be able to deliver both on time and on budget. We're not interested in trying to sell you a whole load of functionality that you don't need just so we can charge for it, we want you to end up with a site that delivers what you need, but with the ability to extend this in the future when your requirements and budget allows for this.

Once we've agreed on a specification we knuckle down to the development, your project will be assigned a lead developer, who more often than not will be the person who worked with you to tune your spec. Throughout the development you will have direct access to this developer if you have any questions, you will also have access to regular builds of the site so you can really see things progressing.

As far as possible we keep things nice and agile, meaning that we can often accommodate small changes to the original requirements as we progress. We know from experience that most of us simply can't consider every eventually when working in the theorectical world of writing a specification and we do our best to accommodate this without having to change the timescale or budget.

As soon as we've finished the work, we put it into a process of Quality Assurance just to iron out any niggles that may be in there, we don't want you seeing any scary debug code or clicking a button that doesn't really do that much. Once we're happy with it, we hand it over to your team for User Approval Testing. This sounds a bit more formal than it really is, this means that we give you full access to the site to play with on our servers. During this process it is usual for you to find issues and things that don't quite work in the way you were expecting, so you will be given access to our support website to log these us so we can get straight on and fix them.

Finally, as soon as we are both happy with how the site is, we either deploy it onto your servers or host it on our own virtual stack. We don't tie you into any ongoing support contract, and there is no obligation for you to use ComputerMinds for any subsequent work on the site. Whilst we're pretty confident that this won't be the case, as soon as the site has been deployed it is yours to do with what you want. If you need help down the line then we're just on the other end of the phone, and can even work out some sort of ongoing support package specifically to meet your needs.